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US 6 in Iowa

Bettendorf IA

US 6 crossing the Mississippi River into Iowa.

Davenport IA

US 6 passing through Davenport.

Wilton IA

Only two lanes but with a wide shoulder on US 6 here in Wilton.

Coralville IA

Passing some malls early one morning on US 6 in Coralville.

Poweshiek County IA

This section in Poweshiek County is typical of US 6 in Iowa.

Poweshiek County IA

US 6 parallels I-80 across much of Iowa and as a result serves mostly local traffic.

Grinnell IA

A four-lane section of US 6 in Grinnell.

Polk County IA

Another four-lane section of US 6, this time heading into Des Moines.


Further west US 6 becomes a two-lane road again as it heads through farm country.

Atlantic IA

After being multiplexed with I-80 for awhile US 6 heads south on a multiplex with US 71.


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