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TECO Line Streetcar System Trip Report

We took a ride on the TECO Line Streetcar System on 26 August 2009, at the end of our US 41 trip. After driving US 41 from Michigan to Miami, we headed back up to the Orlando area for a few days, visited the obligatory theme parks, and then headed back to Tampa for our flight home. On our last day in Orlando, summer thunderstorms moved in just after noon, sending us to Tampa earlier than planned. After checking in to our hotel in Tampa, the skies began to brighten so we decided to take a ride on Tampa’s streetcar. Unfortunately as we reached Centennial Park the skies darkened again and the rain returned. We rode the streetcar from Centennial Park to Dick Greco Plaza and back. It was an enjoyable ride even if the weather didn’t cooperate. Due to the poor light and rain, the photographs are poor. Hopefully we’ll get to visit again in better weather.

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