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US 6 in Utah

Grand County UT

US 6 enters Utah while multiplexed with I-70.

Grand County UT

When I took these pictures US 6 was still on its own alignment parallel to I-70.

Green River UT

At this time US 6 and US 191 went through Green River while US 50 stayed on the I-70 alignment.

Emery County UT

US 6 in Emery County heading north from I-70.

Carbon County UT

An unusually wet day in the desert.

Utah County UT

US 6 in Utah County.

Utah County UT

US 6 meets US 89.

Santaquin UT

US 6 as a city street in Santaquin.

Eureka UT

Heading south again toward US 50, I was struck by the desolation on this part of US 6. Stopping for a drink in a very small town I thought to myself I couldn't imagine living in a place with so few other people.

Millard County UT

In Millard County US 6 is once again multiplexed with US 50.

Millard County UT

A long straight road in Millard County.

Millard County UT

We pass a large dry lake that from a distance looks like it has water in it.

Millard County UT

Another look down US 6 as it heads into a long flat valley.


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