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US 6 in Nevada

White Pine County NV

US 6 entering Nevada from Utah.

White Pine County NV

The Schell Creek Range sits ahead of US 6.

Ely NV

Ely is the first town we encounter as we head westbound through Nevada.

White Pine County NV

The morning sun lights US 6 as we continue west.

Currant NV

We had hoped to make a quick stop in Currant, but the businesses had all been abandoned.

Nye County NV

US 6 in Nye County.

Nye County NV

After leaving Ely it's a long way to the next town with any services.

Nye County NV

A very long distance view down US 6.

Esmeralda County NV

US 6 is multiplexed with US 95 here in Esmeralda County.


When I first drove US 6 the speed limit was still 55, but had been raised to 70 by my second trip.


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