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Virginia Railway Express Trip Report

We rode the Virginia Railway Express on two different trips. On 30 June 2010 we rode the Fredericksburg Line and on 12 August 2010 we rode the Manassas Line. Our first trip, on the Fredericksburg Line, was on the same day that we rode the MARC Penn Line from Perryville to Washington. After we spent some time looking around Union Station and the surrounding neighborhood, we bought our ticket from the vending machine and went down to the platform to wait for our train. After a bit of a wait our train arrived and we boarded. We rode on the upper level of the gallery car. There were a few other people on the midday train, but overall it was not very crowded. We had a nice ride through Virginia, with many views of the Potomac River. It was also interesting to ride through the military bases on the train. When we reached Fredericksburg we ended our trip and drove to Williamsburg to visit family.

We also went for a ride on the MARC Penn Line before taking on ride on the Manassas Line. This time though our Penn Line journey began in Seabrook. We once again spent a few minutes in Union Station before heading down to the VRE platforms to wait for our Manassas Line train. We again sat on the upper level of the gallery car, but this time the train was much more crowded. We rode to Broad Run / Airport where we were met for the drive down to Williamsburg again.

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