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SEPTA Trenton Line Trip Report

We rode the Trenton Line on 29 December 2010. We drove to Trenton to begin our trip, found the parking garage, and made our way through the mountains of snow and deep pools of slush to the station. For a new station they did a surprisingly poor job of ensuring easy access from the parking to the station. Once in the station we were able to buy our SEPTA ticket from the NJ Transit ticket agent (on NJ Transit ticket stock). This was a little bit challenging mostly because I mispronounced our destination, Cynwyd, but the agent was very helpful and we were on our way. One of the other passengers on line remarked what a nice neighborhood Bali-Cynwyd was, to which I could only reply it was going to be our first visit. We soon boarded our train and enjoyed the ride to Suburban Station. Along the way we were able to see quite a few old abandoned stations and some interesting old buildings. I was also surprised at how small some of the stations were for what I expected to be a major line like it is in New Jersey.

Once we arrived at Suburban Station we switch trains to also take a ride on the Cynwyd Line. We returned from the Cynwyd Line trip to 30th Street Station and waited with a lot of other people for our train back to Trenton. There were so many people boarding the train that the conductor opened an additional car, so luckily we had no problem getting seats together. After arriving back in Trenton we drove back home, ending our journey on the Trenton Line.

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