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SEPTA Paoli/Thorndale Line Trip Report

We took a ride on SEPTA’s Paoli/Thorndale Line on 29 September 2012. Since our train originated at Market East, we decided to drive to New Jersey and take PATCO into Philadelphia. After grabbing a slice of pizza for lunch near the Market East Station, we went out to explore the former Reading Terminal and took a look at the former train shed. We then returned to Market East to catch our train to Thorndale. The ride was enjoyable, although it seemed like the stations were very close together.

At Thorndale we had some time before our return trip. Like much of the train crew, we stopped across the street at the Wawa for a snack. We then headed over to the inbound platform for our return trip while our train continued to sit at the outbound platform. As our departure time approached we heard a garbled announcement and when the crew motioned to us realized along with a few other people on the platform that our earlier train was also our return train. We made it back over to the other platform in time and boarded for the trip back. As we approached Philadelphia the train became quite crowded. At Market East we headed back over to PATCO and back to our car for the ride home.

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