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NJ Transit Hudson-Bergen Light Rail Trip Report

We rode the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail on 24 April 2010. We drove to West Side Avenue and parked in the huge empty parking lot there. We were a little nervous about leaving the car in such a desolate area, but did not have any problems. For our first trip we rode from West Side Avenue to Tonnelle Avenue. For our next leg we rode from Tonnelle Avenue to Hoboken Terminal. Here we took a break and walked around for a bit. As we approached the light rail station for our next leg we noticed our train sitting preparing to leave so we had to run to make sure we didn’t miss it. We took this train to 22nd Street and then waited around for it to take us back to Liberty State Park (the line hadn't been extended to 8th Street yet). At Liberty State Park we changed trains for the last time but had to wait quite a while to get a train to take us back to West Side Avenue, ending our journey.

By 5 May 2012 the 8th Street station had opened, so we took another ride to visit that station. We started this journey at 34th Street, rode to 8th Street, and returned. After completing our trip we drove up to Liberty State Park to look at the old Central Railroad of New Jersey terminal.

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