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SEPTA Norristown High Speed Line Trip Report

We took a ride on the Norristown High Speed Line on 10 March 2012. We began our journey on the Market-Frankford Line, taking it from the Frankford Transportation Center to the 69th Street Terminal. From there we boarded a Norristown High Speed Line train to Norristown. One thing we found surprising was that the train didn’t stop at all of the stations. We only stopped if someone on the train requested a stop, or if a light near the station was flashing. I assume there is a switch on the platform that activates the light. If no one needed to get on or off, the train bypassed the station. It was also interesting that on the way to Norristown we paid as we got off rather than as we boarded. Perhaps this was partly to account for the multiple zone fares. Upon reaching Norristown we spent a few minutes on the platform, and then re-boarded for the trip back to Philadelphia.

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