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Metro Transit Green Line Trip Report

We rode the Green Line on 21 August 2015. We began by driving to St. Paul to visit and photograph Union Depot. Aside from the one surprisingly well-dressed crazy person we encountered who felt the need to shout insults at everyone he passed, we enjoyed our time wandering around and through the depot. We then bought tickets and boarded the waiting Green Line train. Soon we were off on our long ride through St. Paul and toward Minneapolis. We exited at Downtown East among all of the construction. During our last visit this station was also called Metrodome, but the signs had now all been changed to just Downtown East. After a few minutes a Blue Line train appeared. On our previous visit this had been called the Hiawatha Line, but now all signs had been changed to reference Blue Line. We took the Blue Line train to 28th Avenue where we ended our trip.

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