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MetroLink Trip Report

We rode the MetroLink Red Line on 20 August 2014. Our trip began at the North Hanley station since it was near our hotel and parking was free. We were a little concerned about the nightly riots in nearby Ferguson, but didn’t encounter any problems at the station or on our journey. The first train to arrive was headed downtown, so we rode that train as far as the Jackie Joyner-Kersee Center station where an announcement was made that due to mechanical problems the train was going out of service. The next train to arrive was also headed eastbound, but was a Blue Line train so it only went as far as Fairview Heights. This train was very crowded since our train had gone out of service, but at least it was only for two stops. At Fairview Heights we caught another Red Line train eastbound to the end of the line at Shiloh-Scott. We were surprised the eastern end of the light rail line was still very rural. After a short wait, our train headed back westbound, and we rode as far as Union Station. Here we went to photograph the old station, even though once at street level we found the area a bit sketchy in the late evening. We didn’t have any problems, but we stayed very aware of our surroundings. By the time we got back to the light rail station it was getting late, so although a westbound Blue Line train arrived first, we decided to wait for a Red Line train. Eventually a Red Line train arrived and although it was getting late, we rode to the end of the line at Lambert Airport. As night fell and thunderstorms approached, we arrived back at the North Hanley station, ending our journey.

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