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SEPTA Manayunk / Norristown Line Trip Report

We took a ride on the Manayunk/Norristown Line on 20 April 2013. We got a bit of a late start to the day, made even later when I realized a half hour from home that I had forgotten my camera. By early afternoon we arrived in Norristown and found the Elm Street station with no problem. We grabbed some lunch for the ride and made it back to the station a few minutes before our train departed. Boarding at the first station we were able to sit in the first open seat with a nice view out of the front of the train. We took the train to the 30th Street Station where we took some time to buy tickets for our return trip and grab some pretzels for a snack. While buying our tickets we found it amusing that the group next to us was trying to buy a SEPTA ticket to Grand Central Terminal (the tracks from Philadelphia go to Penn Station in New York). After waiting on the platform for about 20 minutes our train back to Norristown arrived. The sun was lower in the sky for the return trip, making photography a bit more challenging, but it was an uneventful and enjoyable ride back to Norristown just the same.

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