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SEPTA Lansdale/Doylestown Line Trip Report

We took two trips on the Lansdale/Doylestown Line. Our first trip was on 7 September 2013 when we rode from Doylestown to Wayne Junction. We arrived at Doylestown a couple of minutes before a train departed so we parked quickly and boarded immediately. Upon arriving at the Wayne Junction station we were a little concerned about the close connection to get a return train, especially since the station was under construction, but we had no problem switching platforms and even had to wait a few minutes for our return train. On our return trip we noticed that we passed a station not on the weekend timetable, so made a note that we’d need to return. Back in Doylestown we realized that a street fair was in progress and the train station parking lot was now very full. We decided to take a walk through the town, stopped at a restaurant for pizzas for lunch, and then headed home.

The second trip was on 20 November 2013 and was a quick ride from Link Belt to Colmar. I first drove to the Link Belt station, and after confirming there was no public parking, headed down to Colmar. Unfortunately while Colmar has a large parking lot, every space was full and at least a few other cars were searching for spots. While riding around looking for alternatives, I noticed street parking was permitted after 9:00, and being that it was 9:02 took advantage of this free parking. By now though the train to Link Belt had departed, so I decided to walk to Link Belt and take the next train back to Colmar. It was a shorter than expected walk, so I spent quite some time waiting for the train to arrive. I flagged as the train approached and boarded the empty train for my 1-minute ride. I didn’t see the conductor until I got off the train at Colmar, but I had my $4 ready when he asked where I was going. He punched my receipt while on the platform and was surprised that I hadn’t just walked. I explained that with this trip I had visited every SEPTA Regional Rail station (at least I had been on a train that had stopped). He gave me a congratulatory handshake, and I headed back to my car for the ride home.

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