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SEPTA Cynwyd Line Trip Report

We rode the Cynwyd Line on 29 December 2010 as part of our trip on the Trenton Line. We took the Trenton Line to Suburban Station to begin our journey on the Cynwyd Line, since this was the originating station for our train. We explored the station for a bit before heading down to the platform to find our single-car train on one of the few tracks that still terminates at the station. There was also a train on the adjoining terminal track and a homeless person camped out in one of the hidden corners of the platform. After a bit of waiting, the conductor arrived followed by the engineer. We waited on the platform for them to conduct their brake check and then boarded with a couple of other people for the ride to Cynwyd. As we made our way onto the short line, I was surprised to see that at one time the line clearly had many more tracks, starting with four and continuing with at least two. Apparently this was once a major route, but had now been cut back to a short branch line.

When we arrived in Cynwyd there were many people waiting for the return train. We got off the train to look around for a bit and allow the crew to perform their inspections again, and then boarded with the others for the short ride back to 30th Street Station, where we caught a train back to Trenton.

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