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SEPTA Broad Street Line Trip Report

We rode the Broad Street Line on two trips, the first on 5 November 2011 when we rode the main line and the second on 23 November 2012 when we rode the Broad-Ridge Spur. We began our first trip in Fern Rock and took the local train to the AT&T station. From there we decided to take a trolley ride so took the train back to City Hall where we switched to a trolley to the end of the line at 13th Street. After moving to the boarding area, we hopped on the first trolley to arrive at 13th Street, a Route 13 trolley, and rode it through the trolley tunnel. Unfortunately when we arrived at 40th Street we learned that our line had a bus substitution for the rest of the route. Since we had no desire to ride a bus, we waited at 40th Street for a return trolley and took that back to 15th Street. Not paying attention to the stops, we missed 15th Street and ended up back at 13th Street. We decided to take the Market-Frankford Line from there back to 15th Street where we could catch the Broad Street Line. We rode back up to Olney where they announced that the train was being held indefinitely and we should go outside to catch a bus back to Fern Rock. We went outside and waited for about 15 minutes for a bus, but none arrived. Returning to the station, we learned the trains were running again and caught the next train to Fern Rock, ending our trip.

For our ride on the Broad-Ridge Spur we decided to drive to New Jersey rather than make our way through northern Philadelphia. We parked in Camden and took PATCO to 8th & Market where we transferred to the Broad-Ridge Spur. We took the train up to Girard, where we caught a Broad Street train to Walnut-Locust, and from there boarded another PATCO train back to Camden.

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