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SEPTA Trolley Route 36 Trip Report

We took a ride on SEPTA’s Route 36 trolley on 8 March 2014. We began our journey in New Jersey, riding PATCO into Philadelphia. Before beginning our journey we needed to take care of some business at the 30th Street Station, so we walked from PATCO to Suburban Station and took a Regional Rail train to 30th Street. We then walked to the 33rd Street trolley station, planning to buy some tokens for our trip that day. To our surprise there was no token booth at the station, so we walked to the 34th Street station on the Market-Frankford Line to buy our tokens, then walked back to 33rd Street. When our trolley arrived it was very crowded so we had to stand for the first part of our journey then sit in separate seats before enough seats opened up so that we could sit together. When we got to the Eastwick Loop we had to get off the trolley since ours was not making the return journey. This actually made the first part of the trip pretty interesting though since our outbound trolley rode right along behind us and eventually switched into the trolley barn. Since we boarded at the terminal station, for this return trip we had no problem getting seats together in the last row. Once again the trolley filled to capacity during our journey but at least this time we were seated together the whole way. Soon we arrived at 15th Street, headed back to PATCO, and ended our day's travels.

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