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SEPTA Trolley Route 13 Trip Report

We rode SEPTA’s Route 13 and Route 15 trolleys on 11 April 2015. The journey began with a ride from New Jersey on PATCO to the 8th and Market station. There we transferred to the Market-Frankford Line for the ride up to Girard. Unfortunately we had just missed an eastbound trolley as we exited the station so we had to wait the 15 minutes for the next one. As it arrived we were happy to see that Route 15 still used the old trolley cars. We rode eastbound first since we were nearly at that loop and the trolley would be nearly empty as we boarded. At the Delaware Avenue - Frankford Avenue Loop we had to switch trolleys and had to wait about 10 minutes for the next departure. We then rode the full line out to 65th Street and back again to the Market-Frankford Line station. After a ride on the Market-Frankford Line we arrived at 13th Street and made our way downstairs to the Green Line station. Only a few Route 13 trolleys make the extended trip out to Darby, so we had to wait about 35 minutes until our trolley arrived. We rode Route 13 out to Main Street in Darby, walked past the Route 11 station, and over to the first stop for the inbound Route 13 trolley on 9th Street. This stop was unmarked, but luckily another passenger was in the area to explain where the trolley would stop. We rode the trolley back to 30th Street, transferred to the Market-Frankford Line, and rode to the Arrott Transportation Center. We had planned to photograph the renamed station, but when we arrived we saw that although the station name had been changed on the timetables, at the station it was still signed as Margaret-Orthodox. We then rode the Market-Frankford Line back to 11th Street to photograph the new signage at Jefferson Station. At this station it appeared all signage had been changed since we did not see any signs that still said Market East. After some time at the station we walked back over to 8th Street and boarded a PATCO train back to New Jersey.

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