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SEPTA Trolley Route 10 Trip Report

We took a ride on SEPTA’s Route 10 trolley on 16 February 2014. We began our journey in New Jersey rather than trying to deal with parking and left over snow in Philadelphia. We took PATCO into the city, transferring to the Market-Frankford Line at 8th Street. After a long wait for a train, we boarded and rode to 15th Street to transfer to the trolley. We made our way through the maze of passageways to the westbound platform, and waited for a trolley to arrive. Eventually a Route 10 trolley entered the station and we boarded. Unfortunately someone was already seated in the last row, but otherwise the trolley was relatively empty so we had no trouble finding seats. About half way through the ride to Overbrook the back seat became available so we moved back and enjoyed the view out the rear of the trolley for the rest of the trip. In Overbrook we had to wait a few minutes for the trolley to begin its return trip. The trolley filled steady along the route until as we approached the tunnel every seat was taken. We exited the trolley at 15th Street, and began our journey back home.

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