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Metro Transit Trip Report

We rode the Northstar and Hiawatha Lines of Metro Transit on 7 August 2011. Our journey began at the 28th Avenue station on the Hiawatha Line. We began by riding the one stop to the Mall of America, and then rode the full length of the line back to the Target Field station. The next Northstar train did not leave for quite some time, so we spent the time walking around Minneapolis and eating a sandwich for lunch. We then rode a nearly empty Northstar Line train out to Big Lake. We found it strange that although there were multiple conductors on the train, they did not check tickets. Verification that passengers had a valid ticket was left to random checks by the police. Another thing we found strange was how clean the train was, especially for a commuter train. Even the bathrooms were spotless, a nice change from what is usually found on a train. After a short wait in Big Lake, we boarded the train again and headed back to Minneapolis. When we arrived at the Target Field station we found the Twins game had just ended, so the ride back on the Hiawatha Line was a bit crowded but still pretty well organized. Our journey ended with our return to 28th Avenue.

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