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NJ Transit Northeast Corridor Line Trip Report

Our first trip on the Northeast Corridor Line was on 15 May 2010. For this trip we took Metro-North to Grand Central and then walked to Penn Station in New York. We dealt with the crowds in Penn Station to buy our tickets from one of the vending machines, but had now been to the station enough times to know that we should wait for our train on one of the exit concourses to avoid the crowds. This worked reasonably well and although many other passengers were rushing to the train with us, we were still able to get a group of four facing seats on the upper level of the multi-level car. The train was initially very crowded and for the first half of the trip we had a fourth person sharing the seats with us. We rode to Trenton, walked around for a few minutes, and then got on our return train to New York. The return trip was not as crowded as the outbound one. After arriving back in Penn Station we made our way back to Grand Central and took Metro-North back home.

After this first trip we still had not stopped at three stations, Jersey Avenue, Princeton, and North Elizabeth. We made a special trip to the Jersey Avenue station on 28 May 2010 after taking a ride on the Pascack Valley Line from Woodcliff Lake to Teterboro. We drove from Teterboro to New Brunswick, having a little bit of trouble finding the New Brunswick station. We arrived just before our train was due, but had enough time to purchase our tickets before our train arrived. We boarded the very crowded train and stood in the vestibule with the other passengers for the short ride to Jersey Avenue. As the conductor took our tickets, surprised that we were riding such a short distance, he suggested we may want to continue on to Princeton Junction since there were a lot more transit options from there. We thanked him but said no, we were being met at Jersey Avenue. We exited our train on the Main Line platform, made our way over to the spur platform, and waited for our ride to arrive.

Our next ride was the short journey on the Princeton Shuttle on 20 June 2010. We drove to Princeton and rode the dinky from Princeton to Princeton Junction. While we did have some time to explore the area around the Princeton station, we were a bit late getting in to Princeton Junction so did not have time to get off the train there. After a short ride back to Princeton we headed back home.

Our last trip, on 24 June 2010 was to visit North Elizabeth and is covered in the North Jersey Coast Line trip report.

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