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MBTA Framingham/Worcester Line Trip Report

We took our first trip on the MBTA on 25 April 2015, riding from Worcester to Boston on the Framingham/Worcester Line. We arrived at Worcester about 45 minutes before our train, so after relaxing for a bit, we purchased our tickets using the MBTA phone app and headed outside to wait for our train to appear. After the train platformed and the arriving passengers had exited, we boarded and found seats. The outside of the train was so filthy that it was nearly impossible to see out of the windows. We found the one relatively clean window and claimed that seat. Although the train was nearly empty when we left Worcester, after a few stations the train began to fill quickly, mostly with teenagers, so as we approached Boston the train was completely full. After arriving at South Station we exited with the crowd and as we reached the end of the platform I realized I had left my backpack in the overhead rack. After searching a bit, we found the conductor who was bringing it to the lost and found and claimed it. We grabbed a pretzel for a snack and then headed back outside to wait for our return train. The return trip used a different trainset, this one much cleaner and with bi-level coaches. Although there was a huge crowd of people headed for the train once the track was announced, we found good seats quite easily and settled in for our return trip. The return train was also completely full as we left Boston, but had emptied to just a few people as we approached Worcester.

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