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Metra Heritage Corridor Trip Report

Most photos of the Heritage Corridor stations were taken from earlier trips on the Amtrak Texas Eagle and Lincoln Service trains. We rode a Metra train on the Heritage Corridor on 26 June 2015. This was a day of many train rides, starting with Metra's North Central Service, then continuing on to an Amtrak Hiawatha train, and then a quick walk back across Union Station to the Heritage District train. Unfortunately, by our the time we took this train in the late afternoon, dark clouds and heavy rain had moved in making photography very difficult. Still it was an enjoyable ride with a very jovial group of commuters happy to be heading home for the weekend and an especially friendly conductor. Once arriving in Joliet we learned that the station was unfortunately closed for renovations, so we were unable to photograph the inside of the station. After getting thoroughly soaked by the downpour, we made our way to the new Rock Island District platform and waited for a Rock Island District train to take us back to Chicago.

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