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MBTA Haverhill Line Trip Report

We rode the Haverhill Line from end to end on 7 November 2015. We found the Haverhill station without any problem and parked in the surface lot on the inbound side. Soon after we arrived a Haverhill Line train from Boston arrived, and after it cleared the station we crossed to the far platform since track work had closed the usual inbound platform. We then had to wait for a couple of Amtrak trains to stop at the station before our train to Boston arrived about 15 minutes late. Boarding was a little confusing. Although signs said all boarding was from the short high level platform, the only 2 open doors were on the low level platform. After a few minutes we were settled into our seats and the train departed for Boston. We shared a double seat, which was a bit cramped, but not too bad. The train filled quickly and we seemed to move pretty well for the first half of the trip. Soon we encountered track work though and crawled for about 20 minutes before resuming a normal speed. Our destination for the inbound trip was Malden Center, where we arrived about 40 minutes late. At Malden Center we switched to the Orange Line and rode that end to end before returning to North Station. We had a quick lunch at North Station and waited for our return trip. Although trains were sitting at multiple platforms, track numbers were not posted until a few minutes before departure. We guessed which train would be ours, and when the track was finally posted found that we had guessed correctly and were the first passengers to board. For the return trip we chose a triple seat, which was a lot more comfortable than the double. We encountered a couple of slow sections on the return trip also, but arrived back in Haverhill only a few minutes late.

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