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LIRR Ronkonkoma Branch Trip Report

We took a one way trip on the Ronkonkoma Branch on 27 June 2009. We drove out to Greenport, braving the heavy summer traffic on eastern Long Island. Happily once we were on the North Fork the traffic thinned and we were quickly on our way. We arrived a bit before our train was scheduled to depart so we spent some time walking around Greenport and had a bite to eat for lunch. The first part of our trip was from Greenport to Ronkonkoma. The car we sat in was a bit warm and had a very loud air conditioner, but in many ways this worked out well because it meant few other people rode in the car and the noise from the air conditioner became so soothing after awhile that one of the kids fell asleep.

At Ronkonkoma we switched from our diesel to an electric train. This train became very crowded as we continued toward Jamaica. We made an employee stop at the Hillside Facility, and then continued in to Jamaica. Unfortunately we arrived in Jamaica about 15 minutes late, so instead of having 20 minutes to buy tickets and switch platforms we only had about 5 minutes before our next train. Our plan was to take a Port Jefferson Branch train back out to Westbury to visit our remaining Port Jefferson Branch stops. Unfortunately we missed our train by a few seconds so had to wait a bit for the next train that would stop at Westbury. It eventually came and although crowded, took us to Westbury where we ended our journey for this day.

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