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LIRR Port Jefferson Branch Trip Report

We visited the Port Jefferson Branch stations on two different trips. The first trip was on 31 May 2009 when we traveled from Port Jefferson to New Hyde Park. Driving to Port Jefferson took a bit longer than we expected so we arrived at the station with only a few minutes to spare before our train departed. We rode to Huntington where we had to change trains from a diesel to an electric. This was a busy station, surprisingly with only two tracks, so after our train from Port Jefferson dropped us off, it had to depart the station so our connecting train could arrive at the platform. We decided to sit in the last car on this train, which while there was no railfan window, at least it was nearly empty so we had plenty of room to spread out. Upon arriving at New Hyde Park we looked around a bit and were very surprised to see that the small station building was open on the weekend and was very clean. We drove home from New Hyde Park, ending our first trip on the Port Jefferson Branch. Our second trip was on 27 June 2009 and was the end of our trip on the Ronkonkoma Branch.

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