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LIRR Long Beach Branch Trip Report

We took a ride on the Long Beach Branch on 16 May 2009, riding from Long Beach to Jamaica and back. We headed out on a bright sunny day, but by the time we reached Long Beach a marine layer haze had settled in. Although not a very nice day, traffic was very heavy through Long Beach and I almost drove past a cop directing traffic at one point. Parking was of course also a challenge but after a few minutes of looking we found a spot on a side street near the station that appeared to be legal. By the time we actually got to the station it was less than a minute before our train was supposed to leave, so we figured we had missed it. When we got to the platform, trains were still there but all of the doors were closed. Luckily we saw the conductor near the far end of the platform waving to us, figured out that there were actually two different trains stacked on the same track, and ran down the platform, boarding the train just before it departed. Due to the fog the pictures weren’t as bright and stunning as I had hoped, but it did give some of them an interesting feel.

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