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Green Mountain Flyer Trip Report

We rode the Green Mountain Flyer on 27 September 2014. The Green Mountain Railroad was running two excursions that day, one from Chester to Rockingham and the second from Chester to Ludlow. We rode both trips to cover as much of the line as possible on that day. We arrived in Chester in the late morning on a beautiful sunny fall day, picked up our tickets, and headed over to the general store across the street to grab some sandwiches for lunch. Soon after we finished our tasty lunch the train arrived from its morning run to Ludlow. Soon we were allowed to board and decided to sit in the last car of the five car train. This last car was a cab car that was originally used by the Central Railroad of New Jersey. Although this meant that the rear vestibule was closed, it was still possible to take photographs out the rear of the train through the windows. Because we boarded near the front of the train, and the fourth car had nice plush seats with tables, we had this last car all to ourselves. The first leg of our trip took us to the Connecticut River where we stopped for a few minutes as the crew walked up to the cab car to make the return trip to Chester. When we returned to Chester we had to exit the train for a few minutes, so we headed back over to the general store for some snacks and drinks, then boarded again for the trip to Ludlow. For this trip a few other families decided to sit in the cab car with us. At Ludlow we had a few minutes to get off the train, walk around, and take pictures. The return trip to Chester seemed quite a bit shorter than the trip up, and soon we were back in Chester. When we returned to Chester the train pulled onto the track in front of the station so the main track was clear for the night. As the sun approached the horizon, we began our drive back home.

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