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Berkshire Scenic Railway Trip Report

We took a ride on the Berkshire Scenic Railway on 30 July 2011. We drove up to Lenox in the morning, sitting through the inevitable summer traffic in Great Barrington on the way up. We also saw no less than five cars run through stop signs without even slowing down. I guess it’s a Massachusetts thing. In any event, we arrived in Lenox safely and purchased our tickets. We had some time before our train departed, so decided to head into town to try to find some lunch. This turned out to be a big mistake since there was some kind of event in town, and aside from spending 10 minutes in traffic just trying to get back out of town, there was of course not a parking space to be found anywhere. So we headed back out to the station and had some hot dogs and sodas from a friendly street vendor at the station.

Our ride to Stockbridge along the Housatonic River was enjoyable. Once at the Stockbridge station we walked around for a bit, watched the locomotive switch ends, and looked inside the station. For the journey back to Lenox we sat in a different car. After departing the train and looking around the Lenox station for a few more minutes, a woman and her young son approached us, held a small green container in her hand, and asked if we had lost something. It turns out she had found the small case of about 25 Nintendo DS games my youngest son had left on the train on the first part of our trip. Needless to say we were very grateful that she returned them. It’s good to see that people like that still understand that it’s wrong to take things that don’t belong to you.

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