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Amtrak Pennsylvanian Trip Report

We rode the full length of the Pennsylvanian from New York to Pittsburgh on 18 May 2013. We encountered beautiful sunny weather the whole way and experienced an enjoyable ride. Once in Pittsburgh we walked down the street to our hotel and settled in for the night. We made the return trip the next day, arriving at the station early and waiting with a large crowd of travelers. On this return trip, although there was track work and a lot of freight traffic, the Norfolk Southern dispatchers kept the tracks clear ahead and we stayed at speed nearly the whole way through the mountains. Around horseshoe curve we found a large number of trackside photographers even though the weather was poor with a lot of fog. Upon reaching Altoona we learned that Norfolk Southern was running a steam excusion up through the curve, explaining the photographers. Unfortunately by Lancaster the weather continued to deteriorate and we had rain for the remainder of the trip.

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