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Amtrak Capitol Corridor Trip Report

We rode Amtrak’s Capitol Corridor train from Sacramento to Oakland on 26 June 2016. We arrived in Sacramento midday on the California Zephyr and were departing late that night on the Cost Starlight, so figured we'd spend the layover riding trains, taking the Capitol Corridor to San Jose, and then the Coast Starlight back to Sacramento. The trip started well, but part way through the trip the crew announced that an earlier train had hit a trespasser up ahead and we were going to be held at one of the upcoming stations. Luckily, most of the stations where we could be held were also served by the Coast Starlight. In the end the train was held at Jack London Square in Oakland. Once we arrived we had the ticket agent change our Coast Starlight tickets, had some dinner, and waited for our return trip. So our ride on the Capitol Corridor was a bit shorter than planned, but at least everything worked out in the end.

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