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Between Bellows Falls and Rockingham

Bellows FallsBellows Falls

The Bellows Falls station can be seen in the distance from an NRHS excursion train as the locomotives run around to the other end of the train to begin the return trip to Rutland.

Bellows FallsConnecticut River

Looking up the Connecticut River while waiting at Bellows Falls for the return trip to Rutland.

Connecticut RiverConnecticut River

Looking across the river at North Walpole, New Hampshire.

Connecticut RiverConnecticut River

RiversideConnecticut River

Passing through Riverside.

Connecticut RiverConnecticut River

Connecticut RiverRockingham


The Green Mountain Flyer follows the Williams River from its mouth to Rockingham. Although the schedule lists Rockingham as the destination, the train continued past the former station.





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