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Between North Philadelphia and 30th Street Station


The Chestnut Hill West Line joins the Northeast Corridor at North Philadelphia.

Schuylkill RiverSchuylkill River

Looking up and down the Schuylkill River with the Philadelphia skyline now clearly visible.

Philadelphia ZooSplit

Just after crossing the Schuylkill River we pass the Philadelphia Zoo. Continuing toward 30th Street Station the line splits with the tracks to the left going under the station and those to the right heading toward the upper platforms. Amtrak and New Jersey Transit use the tracks to the left, while SEPTA uses the tracks to the right.

River Boat HousesPhiladelphia 30th Street

Following the tracks used by Amtrak and NJ Transit we continue along the Schuylkill River seeing the boathouses across the river. Soon we approach the entrance to the 30th Street Station.

Main LineMain Line

Coming from the west on the old PRR Main Line we ride along a wide old right of way.

Northeast CorridorPhiladelphia

Coming from the west, we join the Main Line coming from New York. At this junction we see some old Philadelphia row houses.



As we continue toward the upper level platforms at the 30th Street Station we pass other SEPTA equipment.


A viaduct between the tracks used by Amtrak and NJ Transit and those used by SEPTA allows freight traffic to bypass the 30th Street Station.


The Philadelphia skyline as we approach 30th Street Station from the north and the west.



Taking the New York - Pittsburgh subway on the 2016 Amtrak Autumn Express.



A look at SEPTA near 30th Street from the High Line freight tracks and a couple a views from the tracks along the west shore or the Schuylkill River from the Amtrak Autumn Express trip in 2014.




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