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Niagara Falls, NY

Niagara Falls NY

The current station at Niagara Falls. We began our return trip on Amtrak's Empire Service here. Our journey to Niagara Falls was on the Maple Leaf, and we continued across the border to Ontario.

Niagara Falls NYNiagara Falls NY

The track side of the station with our Empire Service train in front and the day before from our Maple Leaf train.

Niagara Falls NYNiagara Falls NY

The inside of the station.

Niagara Falls NYNiagara Falls NY

Our Maple Leaf train waits at the station before continuing on to Niagara Falls, Ontario.

Niagara Falls NYNiagara Falls NY

Our Empire Service train waits to depart in the early morning. Apparently at one time in the past the locomotive had a close encounter with something. Further west we pass what I assume was the location of the old station, since Depot Street runs along the tracks here.

Niagara Falls NYNiagara Falls NY

Just before reaching the river we pass an old building being renovated. Supposedly this will be the new station.


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