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Far Rockaway

Far Rockaway

We began our trip on the Far Rockaway Branch here in Far Rockaway.

Far Rockaway

Our train to Valley Stream waits at the platform.

Far Rockaway - Mott AvFar Rockaway - Mott Av

The old station is now the Far Rockaway subway station.

Far Rockaway - Mott AvFar Rockaway - Mott Av

We began our ride to Broad Channel on the A train here in Far Rockaway. The station is also now called Mott Avenue.

Far Rockaway - Mott AvMott Ave

On the left, the tracks once continued to the current LIRR Far Rockaway station. On the right is the H shuttle that ran temporarily after Hurricane Sandy.

SubwayTrain Interior

The interior of the subway, the A train on the left and the H shuttle on the right.


LIRR Far Rockaway Branch
LIRR Historic - Far Rockaway Branch

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