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Between New London and Noank


We see ferries and more coves as we ride between New London and Noank.


On an excursion on the P&W we came from Noank and headed up the former New Haven Railroad line toward Norwich. Here we see the Northeast Corridor and tower as we begin heading toward Norwich.


We see the tracks heading east and west at Groton.


The tower and an old staircase at Groton.

Nautilus MemorialNautilus Memorial

We see the Nautilus memorial in the Thames River.

Nautilus MemorialNautilus Memorial

On another Mass Bay RRE excursion we rode the P&W from Worcester to the submarine base in Groton. Here our train waits for the return trip.

Nautilus MemorialNautilus Memorial

Nautilus MemorialNautilus Memorial

Submarine BaseThames River

Thames RiverRed Top

We ride along the Thames River as we head toward Norwich.

Red TopThames River

Riding past the Red Top boathouse.

Thames RiverAllyns Point

Allyns PointAllyns Point

Allyns PointThames River

Thames RiverThames River

Thames RiverThames River

Thames RiverConnecticut

Thames RiverThames River

Thames RiverShetucket River



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