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US 24 in Kansas

Kansas City KS

With the lanes closed for construction I was able to stop and photograph US 24 crossing from Missouri into Kansas.

Kansas City KS

Kansas City KS

US 24 is multiplexed with US 40 in Kansas City and is also called the Lewis and Clark Trail.

Leavenworth County KS

Leavenworth County KS

Tonganoxie KS

Lawrence KS

The multiplex with US 40 ends in Lawrence.

Rossville KS

St Marys KS

Pottawatomie County KS


Cloud County KS

Cloud County KS

Mitchell County KS

Cawker City KS

Osborne County KS

Graham County KS

Thomas County KS

Colby KS

Levant KS

Goodland KS


US 24
US 40

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